Solo exhibition review

heres a link to a review of my recent solo exhibition at Workplace Gallery for a-n magazine.

heres a short excerpt:

".....Lancaster's approach to her subject matter appears to veer between fond homage to the familiar lingua franca of much-loved and remembered Hollywood films and classic TV programmes, and an attempt to re-order the snippets that she selects into some kind of personal narrative. However, in her mish-mash assembly of seemingly unrelated elements Lancaster refuses a purely linear reading and plays freely with the language and conventions of big and small screen storytelling. By eschewing the more dramatic moments and focusing on what might be considered the minor details she elevates - metaphorically and sometimes, literally in the case of her larger paintings - these to an almost fetishistic level, imbuing them with the status of some kind of talisman or harbinger of more significant events yet to happen. Lancaster leads us on in our desire to connect these fragments into a grander narrative whilst simultaneously frustrating our efforts to do so in the process."

Writer detail:
Paul Stone is a Director of Vane gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne, and an artist.


Workplace exhibition

some images from my recent Workplace solo show...


recent work...

Colour Photographs.
appropriated film stills.


Morphic Resonance

heres a link to a recent group project i took part in at PSL in Leeds.

Morphic Resonance

Rachel Lancaster / Ant Macari / No Fixed Abode / Nous Vous / David Steans and Hardeep Pandhal / Rebecca Chesney, Robina Llewellyn and Elaine Speight (Pest Publications) / Richard Rigg / Silver Mawson (Rhiannon Silver & Joe Mawson) / Daniel Simpkins and Penny Whitehead (The Royal Standard)

25 March – 27 June 2009

An experimental project for PSL by artists and artist collectives nominated by artist-led spaces from across the North of England. For the first 6 weeks the artists will be working at PSL using it as an extended studio space moving towards an exhibition from 13 May. Co-curated by Zoe Sawyer of theartmarket, the project examines the urge among artists to control the dissemination and production of art. PSL is open to the public throughout.

*The term ‘Morphic Resonance’ describes ‘the basis of memory in nature… the idea of mysterious telepathy-like interconnections between organisms and of collective memories within species’ (Rupert Sheldrake 1981).



new images.................

Untitled, colour photograph.

Untitled, colour photograph.

'Boat', oil on board.

Untitled, colour photograph.

Untitled, colour photograph.


Morphic resonance....

< installation at Morphic Resonance

featuring digital photographs and audio loop 'Birds', (edited found/sampled sounds).

there is also a Symposium relating to the themes of the exhibition...... ......


Rachel Lancaster

My practice centers around taking numerous digital photographic 'stills' from film and television then translating these into drawings and paintings. Through the process of selection, cropping, and translation into another media these images become mysterious and ambiguous. I use this process as a means to investigate the seemingly unimportant, potentially overlooked, 'in-between' moments. When 'singled out' these moments still maintain a mysterious connection with 'the event', and the greater narrative.