Sunday, 28 February 2016

Dot Dot Dot Dash- Workplace gallery

Installation images from DOT DOT DOT DASH- Workplace gallery, now available online

Rachel Lancaster
Untitled, 2015
Oil on canvas
150 x 122 cm

"Rachel Lancaster’s new paintings continue her interest in B Movies and in particular the recurring presence of Blobs. Isolated from their original contexts these strange forms act as an absurd stand-in for a human presence that is simultaneously sinister and comedic. Through the process of faithful, yet economic, reinterpretation in oil paint Lancaster’s seductive surfaces invite contemplation of fragments or moments within these weird lifeless objects whose original function was to somehow please an audience through spectacle, titillation and violence"

Monday, 11 January 2016

Basic House/Rachel Lancaster AV collaboration HALLE 14/Leipzig

Saturday 16th January 2016- Basic House/Rachel Lancaster-Live AV collaboration at Halle 14, Leipzig, Germany. Click here for more details!


Basic House live (Opal Tapes, Newcastle upon Tyne)

Dbiapb live (Institut für Zukunft, Leipzig/Altenburg)

BLACKBURST live (Leipzig)

include/possblthings live (Possblthings, Leipzig)

Nina DJ (Golden Pudel/Blackest Ever Black, Hamburg)

Rachel Lancaster (Opal Tapes, Newcastle upon Tyne)
Domenic Emr (ARBOR, Basel)
Louis Hay (Sinking Spaceship, Leipzig)
Loys (Pizzapunks)
Stefan Riebel (Berlin)

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Sunday, 20 December 2015

R.Lancaster & Basic House -first collaborative release on Opal Tapes....

The new Basic House & Metrist- split cassette release 'The World Is Order, Incarnate' on Opal Tapesfeatures the first collaborative release between Basic House and R.Lancaster- in the form of 'AM. GRAVE'. Listen and buy here!

"Split tape from Opal Tapes bossman Basic House and Metrist (ResinFifth Wall). Basic House is first up with the blackened, unnerving soundscapes, clanking metal and tormented distorted vocals of ‘Ursa Minor’. Sounds like some really bad shit is about to go off and then what sounds like a pig being slaughtered occurs accompanied by birds tweeting. As in chirping, not doing stuff on social networking. ‘AM Grave (With R. Lancaster)’ ventures further into darkness, a foreboding black ambient doomscape then he dishes out some beats on ‘Cloaking’ for some eerie, creeping techno" -Norman Records.

"Ursa Major exercises their noise daemons in a hellish echo chamber, and Rachel Lancaster joins in for the atonal blister of AM Grave whereas Cloaking trades in straight forward rolling techno and Piethug’R’Us hacks up hoary anti-funk grooves and Speed V1 dispenses saltiest, blown-out synth psychedelia." -Boomkat.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

A Cut, A Score- CIRCA Projects- BOOKSHOP

A Cut, A Score

Adam Denton, Basic House, Chlorine, Kathryn Barnett, Midwich, Rachel Lancaster, Sophie Cooper, Thijs Geritz

28 November 2015 – 23 January 2016

"As part of BOOKSHOP CIRCA Projects have developed the online Soundcloud archive ‘A Cut, A Score’ with CIRCA Projects 2015 ‘Network’ member Kathryn Barnett.
A Cut, A Score takes as its starting point Barnett’s interest in field sound recordings, and presents alongside her own work, a selection of practitioners who use field recordings in contrasting ways. By allowing each contributor to discuss their own approach to phonography: answering how, why and what, we aim to allow each entry to reflect the highly individuated practice of field sound recording."
Accompanying descriptions of each audio-work can be found on their Soundcloud description. All artworks curated for A Cut, A Score can be listened to at

CIRCA Projects- BOOKSHOP, at the NGCA Sunderland- runs from 28th November-23rd January 2016. click here to see the full program of events.